Paths of the Damned

Through the Drakwald

(GM NOTE: Some details may be inacurate due to fuzzy recollection of actual events.)

The people of Untergarde all gather in aggerplatz of their disheveled town awaiting new from Captain Schiller. Much gossip can be overheard as the crowd anxiously awaits.

Eventually Captain Schiller makes his way to the middle of the gathering and addresses the crowd. He shares great news that Count Todbringer himself has sent a cart of wine and bread to thank the people of Untergarde for their stalwart defense of Untergarde against the chaos horde. As he holds a bottle up to show the people a shot rings out and Schiller hits the ground. The crowd being very familiar with gunfire scatters in a desperate search for cover away from the shooting. Five from the crowd stand firm and search out this new danger rather than flee. One is Baerion a Kithband Warrior who found his way to Untergarde chasing a beastmen heard after the rest of his Kithband was slain by their foul ilk. Another is Shale a lowly ratchatcher who has lived his whole life in the are and is sick of the chaos incursion. Ares, a militiaman from Middenheim also stands strong. He was wounded during the battle at Untergarde and has spent the past few weaks tending to his wounds while the rest of the army moved on. A squire named Gottfried was left behind after the knight he tended died at the battle of Untergarde. He stands ready to inflict pain on these new attackers. Finally a pit fighter who left the pits of Middenheim to help with the war effort looks across the bridge at the five chaos mutants that stand there.

The elf picks off one foul creature with the first arrow from his quiver while the ratcatcher slings rocks uselessly at the beasts. The Squire mounts his horse and charges into battle alongside the militiaman and pit fighter.

After a few rounds of combat some town guards show up to help the heroes finish off the rest of the corrupted souls.

While the fighint was going on, Granny Moescher, the town’s healer came out and tended to Captain Schiller. He is helped to his feet and it is then they find out that the main fight was actually occuring at the main gates and the small group of mutants they fought was a distraction.

Moments later the Woodsman Hans Baumer shows up with some bedraggled peasants and alerts the city to a large band of approaching beastmen to the south. After some discussion it is decided that the people of Untergarde have no chance to defeat the approaching beastmen and they should travel to Middenheim for safety.

A caravan is formed and the heroes decide to go along and help the cause.

Along the way the scouts ride back and say there is a wagon turned over blocking the path. The heroes go ahead with some of the strong men to help move the wagon. The scene is very grizly as it appears the turned over wagon was the result of an ambush by goblins. While the Priest of Sigmar is giving the dead their last rights he screams out as he falls into a hidden pit where he is impaled on a goblin spike trap. With his dying breath he entrusts his icon of sigmar to the squire and begs him to take it to the Sigmarite Temple in Middenheim. The icon is a small painting of sigmar in a gold frame.

After the way is clear the caravan moves on and eventually needs to stop for the night. After camp is set up it is found that Granny Moesher is missing. The heroes are sent to find her and easily tracker her back to a clearing in the forest where she is surounded by Kitband Warriors with drawn bows. They claim she is a witch because of the herbs she is picking and are threatening to shoot her down. Luckily the Baerion is able to talk them down as he tells them she is a healer and explains about their caravan fleeing from the beastmen. When he mentions the beastmen, the leader of the elves asks him where the beastmen are and as soon as Baerion answers the warriors take off in that direction as swiftly as their fleet footing will carry them.

The next day the party travels past Grimenhagen the longtime rival city of Untergarde. Some of the heroes decide to travel into town as the rest of the caravan takes the long way around to stay away fromt their bitter enemies.

In Grimenhagen the heroes try to convince the acting leader of the danger coming but he is rude to the heroes for their relationship with Untergarders. The heroes continue on and catch up with the caravan as they pass an old overgrown path in the woods where Granny is nodding at a crow. She then curses about a terrible injustice to her family at the hands of the current Grafs Great Grandfather.


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